Wooden Frameless Stacking Doors

Enjoy uninterrupted views the Natural way

Forest Creations one of the leading manufacturers of wooden frameless stacking doors and windows in Cape Town and Western Cape area. We are suppliers of top quality timber products. Wooden Frameless Doors Cape Town


Convert your views into something Natural, Beautiful and Low maintenance using frameless stacking doors with a difference. If you like the frameless concept and prefer natural wooden doors to the aluminum doors, then we have the ideal product for you.


The 10mm armor plated safety glass we use makes an extremely robust door which also acts as an excellent sound and thermal insulator. Perfect for Cape Town weather and lifestyle.
We use replaceable seals between each section of door to produce a very weather and wind resistant product. Our stacking system can stack either side and can be designed to your specific requirement. Wooden Frameless Stacking Doors Cape Town
Our frameless doors are custom made to any size and professionally installed with excellent after sales service for all areas in Cape Town.


Our precision workmanship and top quality selected timber and fittings have a 2 Year Guarantee.

Our stack away doors are preferred because of their wind, rain and sound resistance.
Our frameless stacking doors are custom made to any size and our prices are competitive.
We are suppliers of all types of wooden doors and windows and other of timber products.
We use a quality timber of your choice to match up with existing windows and doors.
Our doors are secure and safety is important to us.Frameless Folding Doors Cape Town


Contact Craig Bramwell
   Cell:    082 447 6081
   Email: info@forestcreations.co.za

Wooden Frameless stacking doors are also known as “Frameless stack away doors” or “Frameless folding doors” are solid custom made.
Our premises are in Wetton, Cape Town, where we have our own sawmill and production line for custom made furniture, doors, stacking doors, windows, wooden decking, wooden fencing, wooden beam and other wooden products necessary for construction.
We have worked closely with eco-friendly architects and developers in Cape Town, providing a range of specialized timber work.

Un-interrupted Views the Frameless Stack-Away Way!

Wooden Stacking Doors Cape Town

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